The girls

One shot - «Ours» with Kojiharu.

Yes and No, with Mariko.

You’re my Adrenaline, with Mocchi.

The Letter. starring Atsuko Maeda.

Along the Sea. starring Miyuki Watanabe.

There is no sayonara Oshima. starring Yuko Oshima.

Ours. starring Haruna Kojima, coming soon.

Heart to Heart, with Yuihan.

gazzi2099 asked:
Wow, your akdiaries are amazing, I love them all. My question is could you also write one for Kuramochi Asuka, she's really pretty and I think you can write amazing diary logs about her.

Thank you so much for your support ! I’m happy to hear you like my work anon-san! Hmm Mocchi? I thought about starting stories with her yes, I’m collecting her pics since a while and her photobook inspires me a lot so .. why not? I was thinking about it and maybe the diary needs new faces ;)

Spicy Seduction, with Milky.

Matching souls, with Nana.

Our Own World, with Rena.

Falling in love, with Rie.